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Pinda Pradan

Pinda Pradan

“As the only process of attaining mukti (freedom) from this cycle of birth and death, Pind Daan done helps in freeing the atma (spirit) of the dead to become free from this circle of rebirth.” To bring salvation to departed souls, Pind-daan is a mandatory thing for all Hindus and Hinduism followers. It is believed that no work can be successfully performed without the blessing of ancestors and doing of Pind Daan. 

Pinddaan is the only religious and spiritual process as per our Hindu Scriptures that helps in bringing peace to the restless deceased souls.

In Hindu belief, after the death, soul of human being still remain in this materialistic world. Just because of the loss of body (due to death) someone cannot detach himself / herself from this world. The pull of Love, kindness, affection for his / her family, friends, relatives etc. and the affinity for the materialistic world prevent him to go for the extreme and ultimate departure. As a result, being a bodiless state that man (without body) gets pain. He wants to do many things but cannot. They cannot or even do not want to make themselves free from this materialistic world. ‘PINDA DAAN’ according to Hindu Belief Gives them an ultimate relief and paves the way for their departure to the ultimate world of Peace. Pind daan is considered to be a mandatory rite believed to bring salvation to the departed souls. An obligation of all Devout Hindus.

With the ritual performed to pay homage to the deceased ancestors also called ‘Pitar’ as per our ancient texts, the religious and correct completion of this ritual helps the soul of the dead to attain Moksha (salvation).

Why We Do Pinddaan

Our scriptures talk about the demerits of non-performance of Shradh.  There are two steps of Shradh, Pindpradaan and Brahman Bhojanam. Hence one must understand the nature of Shradh and always try to perform it with total devotion. It is understandable that a dead person cannot carry his gross body, sthula sarira, along with him in his journey after life, so how can he carry food or water along with him?  Hence whatever the kith and kin of him offer to him in the process of shradh is received by him. Scriptures advise that after death, there must be a process of Pinddaan. Firstly, when the death body is taken to the funeral pyre, 6 pindas are offered inorder to please the gods who are established in the earth and to avoid the obstacles created by the evil spirits and negative energies. There after 10 pindas are offered in dashagatra for the dead have a subtle body, sukshma sarira. This is the beginning point of the new journey of the deceased. Along their journey they need food and water (fine aspects of it) which is fulfilled by the pinddaan offered on Uttamshodasi. The plight of the dead ones become worser if the relatives does not offer pinddaan on those times. It is also important to note the eligible person who does not offer pinddaan also suffers a lot of difficulties.

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