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Asti Nimajjanam

Asti Nimajjanam

It is asserted in the shastras that last rites in the form of agnisanksar or cremation is the best way to bid farewell to the dead compared to burying. After cremation, the ashes and bones of the dead are collected in a vessel in the third day. There are certain rituals to be followed from the day astis are collected till they are scattered in flowing water of a sacred river. There is a spiritual significance of the entire process hence it has to be done very carefully and with utmost reverence.  The process of asti nimajjanam contributes to the state of existence of the dead ones and helps them to sever the ties of worldly attachments. It is also confirmed by a spiritual research that asti visarjan done only in flowing water brings fruitful results to the dead and their loved ones.

Why is asti nimajjanam done?

The entire space is full of positive and negative energies trying to overbear each other.  After death, the gross body or stula sarira is no more. Its only subtle body or sukshma sarira, which is supposed to carry on its big journey. The subtle body is attached to gross body and its remains. In the scientific context, with the help of DNA test one is able to find out the identity of a dead body in hair, nails, bones etc, even after it is decomposed. In the same way subtle bodies share the same vibrations with the remains of its gross bodies. The vibrations are nothing but karmic impressions of sattva rajas and tamas gunas which binds body and mind with worldly objects and beings. In the current times, more than 50% of population has less than 30% spiritual quotient because of the influence of rajasic or tamasic gunas. Hence these vibrations are generally negative.  In turn these vibrations are very much attracted by negative energies and evil spirits which are tamasic in nature. The subtle bodies then become prey of evil spirits and tend to act according to their whims and fancies. They ultimately create difficulties for their own loved ones.

In order to avoid the hurdles in the journey of a deceased person and to help his family lead peaceful life, one has to perform asti nimajjananam or scattering or ashes or bones in a flowing water by following proper rituals. This ritual helps in the spiritual progress of the deceased as his gross body remains are scattered in flowing water, his subtle body gets pace to progress towards higher planes of existence by cutting the attachments of the mortal world.

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